5 Things I Learnt During My Holiday in Sweden

Hello! As promised, my post today is on what I learnt during my holiday in Sweden. I really hope you enjoy it 🙂 Enjoy exercise. Being in Sweden, spending a lot of time outdoors and doing 4 days of intense physical activity in a row, taught me that I should enjoy exercise. This is something I [...]


June-July Favourites

Heya! Today I'm going to reflect on all the things I've enjoyed throughout the last 2 months. And yes I know July isn't quite over yet, but I'm away next week so I thought I'd put this post up now! June Sweden! I went on a family holiday to Sweden just 2 days after I'd finished [...]

25 Bookish Facts About Me

Hiya! I really enjoyed doing my last post as a tag all about classic literature, so today I thought I would do this one: sharing 25 bookish facts about me. As I don't have huge amounts of time at the moment due to exams and revision and school in general (sad times) I will not [...]